For all of you losers out there who knows that your only existence is to be My personal paypig and in  this particular instance my bitch boy! Let me share this store to you losers. Maybe you will catch a clue as too how much your worthless ass means to my Dominant Alpha Female Bo$$. I met this loser at the 2012 Fetish-Con. He presented himself as a very masculine man inquiring about the financial domination scene. I could tell his genuine interest in the the financial slave lifestyle. As he talked I could actually see the little bitch that was inside of him screaming to come out. I giggled at the thought that in less than 30 minutes I would have him on his knees, begging for me to dominate and expose him to My  sissy training.

To all of you small thumb dick losers who pose  to your all your corporate employees and partners, this is what I will reduce you to….my human chair or footrest. You are worth less than a 2 dollar slut! My evil and sadistic ways of manipulating and wallet-raping will reduce you to my humble and obedient servant! Ha ha ha


Mistress Mocha’s Marching Orders

Mistress Knows you….

Financial Domination, is a very powerful form of Power Exchange.

To experience what it is like being financially controlled by a powerful Dominant Ebony Woman is your deepest fantasy huh loser?

Mistress knows you like the back of her beautiful Queen hand. That excitement and  even arousal is what you long for. Starring at my dangerous beauty leaves you dumb founded doesn’t it.

My gorgeous African Queen curves will leave you wanting nothing more than to have me as your Owner. I will laugh and degrade you as I watch that weak look on your face. Feeling powerless under MY control , all while draining every penny from your worthless hands.

Oh pathetic little pay pig. You have no idea of what you are truly getting yourself into. You will get an intense rush of excitement just thinking of giving money to your Mistress and also when you pay tribute to MY beauty.

This excitement will last for days like an addiction until you give in and you open that wallet and pay tribute to her once again.

Slave it is in your nature to know and understood that your purpose in life is to make ME happy and keep ME stress free. I love living a lap of luxury on a loser’s dime.
The wetness that I experience when I drain your pathetic wallet is truly enjoyable. Nothing gets ME off more than money.

“MY intent is to Dominate all of you, not just the parts of you that YOU CHOOSE. Your willingness to allow ME to control you 100% is how to approach me. Are you craving for my attention now?

Prove it!

Talk is cheap and I don’t like to chat unless there is monetary value for MY benefit. MY ever-lasting GREED…. And you will feel my greed because you cannot resist the urge. You are compelled to serve ME with every ounce of your being. You will do everything and anything to please me won’t you weakling?