About Your Mistress Mocha


Born in San Francisco, CA, I was always mesmerized by the control that a beautiful, Superior Ebony women had over all races of men. When I was 16 years old I realized how naturally dominant I was and how easy it was to manipulate pathetic losers into giving me anything and everything I wanted effortlessly. The rush that I would get when I would drain the wallets of hard-working corporate pigs and the look of sheer helplessness on their faces as I humiliated and degraded them with every chance I got….and they Loved it!

By me having a naturally dominant personality, I can be a bit intimidating. But I have my gentle, sensual side too, which is utterly hypnotic. I use it in sadistic ways and it’s entranced, broken and totally ruined as many slaves as my rough, punishing, disciplinary side ever has. My style is intuitive and varies depending upon inspiration and the mood that I am in at that particular moment. From a seductively warm, friendly and oh so sensual demeanor straight through to an intimidating, strict and controlling sadist, and many degrees in between. I’m an expert in a vast array of domination, kinks, humiliations and fetishes.

But I am all about Financial Domination and servitude. Nothing makes me happier than to squeeze every penny out of your pathetic wallet and fatten my greedy little hands. After just one encounter I’ll know exactly how to break you, weaken you, control you, and I’ll do it effortlessly. All my slaves have discovered exactly how true that is. Let’s get one thing straight my pathetic loser! I am not here to please you at all. My goal is to teach you how to obey and serve my superior desires. Enter my world of sublime agony and ecstasy at your own risk.

When I’m done with you loser, you won’t know if Tuesdays come in twos or happen once a week. My luscious chocolate body will become your morbid addiction. Submit and you’ll experience the ecstasy of surrendering your body, mind and money to a superior, maddeningly seductive Ebony Alpha Female. You’ll crumble under my sexually sadistic whispers or the snap of my fingers. I’ll reduce your self-esteem to rubble, dismantle your finances with my hypnotic selfishness, and drive you insane with lust for my cocoa flesh.

I’ll make you beg to worship me, to slide my flawlessly pedicured toes into your mouth or set my astonishing ass on your face and smother you helpless as I count all of your hard earned money in my hands!

I’ll use you and exploit you even as I ignore you, torment your deepest fetishes, toy with your mental and emotional weakness, mercilessly drain your bank accounts and erotically destroy you while you drip and plead for release. And you will beg me not to stop. You will be a helpless toy in my hands, because I’m what you’ve always craved. I’m what you really need.

I will own you mind, body and soul. I know exactly how to exploit your need to be financially manipulated and ruined, dominated, abused, degraded and humiliated by an arrogant Black Goddess.  I do take into account each and every slave’s individual capabilities and requirements, you can be sure that you will be placed into your appropriate position, if I see fit to do so.

If I am what you are searching for and I am sure I am, then proceed to filling out one of my MONEY SLAVE applications along with a TRIBUTE. I will respond to your application and decide if you are qualified to be part of the privileged few who make it to be one of my devoted pay piggies. I AM that Black Goddess. I AM your new Obsession.

Mistress Mocha