Financial Servitude

For every single one of MY slaves, no matter what their financial situation, MUST serve Me monetarily. Why? Because it is simply another form of worshiping, one that’s my personal favorite. Money simply turns this ebony Goddess on. It is part of My Superior Power. Manipulating you senselessly or via willing tribute – Pigs are meant to pay and I…I was meant to take everything they own and have.

For the newbies, we can take it slow. I will take your extra cash that you planned on spending on food or outings, or other pleasures you’re not worthy of because you are such a pathetic loser. And when you try spend what you no longer have, there’s that exquisite feeling of suffering and pleasure, knowing it’s lost to Me – someone so much more deserving than you will ever be.

For my more experienced pay sluts, sometimes it can and will be an extreme binge, which has you giving a lot more than you can truly afford and the feeling of suffering deeper and much more intensely will take place. Thousands and thousands of dollars, out of your account and into Mine hehe. The feeling intensifies and develops into a hard habit to break. But then, just look at Me, my sexy, coco Goddess self- how could you ever possibly want to resist or worse escape?

Last but not least, there are those that need and totally crave my complete control. Your bank accounts will become My lovely accounts, I assign you your pathetic monthly allowance but everything above and beyond your basic survival needs will go to ME.