Mistress Mocha’s Wall Of Shame

From time to time I feel the need to put you small penis losers on my webpage for public display. Every time I look at your small, worthless nob, it causes an un- controllable laugh that I truly enjoy! This is for my entertainment purposes and for your ultimate humiliation. Look at theses poor excuse of a loser’s parts and get a good laugh with me!  Who knows, you might be the next to show up in my Wall of Shame!

My sissy bitch Amanda’s small existence!

Slut_4_u has not reason to live with a nob as small as this! Haha!

Look at my other bitch! He had the nerves to compare his piece of shit penis to a balled up sock! Looks like the sock won!

Here is my new addition to my Wall of Shame. His name is Walter S. Believe it or not he is actually married. I am sure his wife married him for the money and not for this pathetic pecker! LoL