Spoil Me

I am sure you are wrecking you small little brain about what else besides Money will make your Mistress happy. Well I will help your weak mind out and point you in the right direction. I love expensive gifts from ALL of my slaves. A sexy pair of high heels or a gorgeous hand bag will make my heart pound.
I love when I watch my loyal slaves compete for my attention. The quickest and easiest way to get my attention is by spoiling me. Sending me a surprise gift from my wishlist or of course the MOST important….MONEY! I am sure that you cannot wait to purchase something sexy for me to wear for my next fetish clip don’t you slave?

Well don’t just stand there looking dumb-founded like the loser that you are, get out that big wallet and make it happen Now! Once I receive a lovely little surprise, you might get lucky and have me shoot you a wink and acknowledge your existence on my webpage blog.

Use My email as the Recipients Email when sending me Tributes thru Giftrocket.com

Or if you prefer to send a tribute through PayPay sent to mochalove415@yahoo.com

Mistress Mocha Love